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  • Sleeping bag recommended for the persons bivouac in the desert and in mountain.
  • Warm clothes for evenings and at winter nights (days are of a pleasant temperature).
  • Arabic scarf / scarf / cap to protect itself the face against the wind and the sun.
  • Swiss knife and flashlight always very useful.
  • Flask of 1,5l minimum.
  • Sports shoes, kind of sneakers or shoes of treks. Walking shoes are too heavy.
  • A good solar cream, sunglasses as well as a small basic pharmacy.
  • A lighter to burn the worn papers.




Don't leave without verifying your insurance. It's important to have an insurance assistance repatriation personal when you subscribe to our circuits.





Morocco is a magnificent country to discover for these luxurious landscapes its fauna, its flora and its population.
Then, be allowed guide by our people working in the tourism, we leave any azimuth on Zagora, the doors of the desert.
Have nice trip in Morocco!

By plane:
De nombreuses compagnies aériennes sont régulières (Air France, Royal Air Maroc,..) mais aussi des compagnies en low cost (Easy Jet, Ryanair, Atlas Blue,…)

By bus:
Les compagnies CTM et supratour sont présentes sur tout le territoire. Elle effectue des départs dans les plus grandes villes et dessert beaucoup de destinations. Les bus sont confortables et propre.

In taxi:
For the big routes, it is necessary to take the big taxis. The price of the taxi fare negotiates.For the routes in cities, it’s necessary to take the small taxis. The price of the taxi fare is often fixed Ask to the driver to put on the meter. 

Rent a car:
The big international renters are present in Morocco, however, they are expensive. You will find local rental agencies. Inform you with our team.



" Two worlds meet every time a person moves from a country to the other one. Traveler, tourist, discoverer, we are all this alternately. But, without a shadow of doubt, we are always a guest. The countries which we visit with so much pleasure are our hosts. All the happiness of a journey can rest on this relation sometimes so delicate. 

Numerous are the manners to travel, to understand the other environments, but inevitably we leave tracks on our passage. Warm, generous, discreet, dangerous and unchanging sometimes. We learn a little more on the occasion of new journeys. Every region is different and, nevertheless, we are often confronted with the same questioning, the doubts, and with our own certainties.
We wished to gather within an ethical charter of the traveler© what seems to us the most representative of the behavior or the attitudes to be encouraged. To learn to discover the other cultures without judging them, relying on his common sense and keeping in head some advice, all this appears to us as the security of a beautiful journey but also a sustainable development of our planet ".

Maroc Berbère Tours mentions this charter on its web site because this one joins completely in our conception of the journey.

The ethical charter of the traveler was created by the travel agent Atalante.

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