Foum Chenna sightseeing, Amazigh Berber engravings

Dear traveler, when Ahmed our guide of the desert brings you from Marrakech, Casablanca, or Ouarzazatte to the deep South, asks him to do this 7kms detour on the road to “Foum Chenna”, near Tinzouline, Zagora, the Draa Valley.
Riders and their horses, lances, and shields, dromedaires, bovids, feline, ostriches, giraffes, unidentified figures…
This unique to the Morocco rock site is one that contains the most registrations of Amazigh Berber (Libyan-Berber), the original inhabitants of North Africa. They date from the 2nd millennium before Jésus Christ, period to which the horse was introduced, is the phase of “riders to the Morocco”.