Daily planning

day 1

Transfer from the airport to Zagora where we will have lunch. Afterwards, we took a car that brings us to the tent camp in the dunes. If we arrive on time, a peaceful yoga class.

Day 2 to 6

Day 2 to 6

8 am: breakfast

10.00 – 11.30: meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and hatha yoga

12:30: lunch

13.30 h: guided desert hike for those who want to

17.00 h – 18.30: yin yoga or yoga nidra

19:30: evening meal

day 7

Return of the desert to Zagora. On the way we stop at a artisan pottery for those who would like a piece of Morocco to take home. In the afternoon we visit a hammam and you can book a massage or treatment at cheap rates. in the evening you can then do some walking around on the markets and at the city.

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27 October to 3 november 2019 (8 days and 7 nights) in collaboration with Maroc Berbere Tours and Celine ball, yogateacher

22 december to 29 december 2019 (8 days and 7 nights) In collaboration with Maroc Berbere Tours and Jolien Lesage, yogateacher

The Sahara breathes peace, space and infinity. Think views are priceless, at the beginning of the day, the first rays of the sun on the sensation of your face, take advantage of a pleasant temperature, beautiful starry skies, a warm-up for the camp fire in the evening, healthy and delicious meal and all this in a warm atmosphere with like minded people.The most beautiful investment is one in yourself. Stand still & feel. Live and experience. And leave with renewed energy. The desert do not unchanged.

The accommodation is in the camp Les chansons du vent where double tents luxury are available with comfortable beds, fresh leaves and blankets nomads. The tents are very remote, making your privacy is assured. There are toilets and showers shared in the camp.
The temperature is 30 degrees during the day and night in October around the around fifteen degrees. In October, may be never any wind more violent. The temperature is around 23 degrees in December during the day and in the evening around the freezing point. We provide hot water bottles warm your bed. The daily schedule of the retreat is tailored to the pace of the Sahara.

Meals are prepared on a stovetop gas by a talented chef. The Chief brings each variety in the menu, and cooks with fresh products. Think tajines, couscous, fresh salads, the best dates of the region with delicious ripe fruit.

In the yoga classes we go together in search of the deepening of our inner world. By means of meditation and a variety of accessible yoga postures, we influence our emotional, mental, and physical layers. We come to ourselves and from there we grow again. There is space to be created to dig deeper to be able to breathe, space between the many thoughts in our heads and space and at different places in the body, causing more softness arises from tense parts of the body.

Testimonials from the previous edition in 2018:
A small paradise on earth, so you can camp in the desert feel free to call. The combination of yoga, sun, time and the concern of Achmed, Marijke and their team are ideal for those who are aware still want to be in life and make want to wear for himself and his environment. – Jeroen Sterken

Rest, rest, rest, warmth, sun and a beautiful sky. Relax and openness to the yoga. Warm sand -Kristel Driessens

We would like to share the experience of Celine ball, yogateacher . She was in 2018 for the first time with us for a yogatreat:
Frankly I had no high hopes for because I also had already been heard from other teachers that it can be a very tiring experience. In addition, we would sleep in tents at temperatures that could go to freezing point at night. The cold and I are not a good match.
Through the years I’ve changed hard. I No langer fear of failure a bad experience. I try every time to look at what a situation can teach me. If it would be a bad experience, I would at least learn something from.
The opposite was true. I had a fantastic experience. A group that was very open in which everyone could be themselves, every day hours of sunshine on your face, beautiful starry skies and delicious freshly prepared food.  Between teaching I added some to my preparations for class or I read a book in peace between the dunes.  I notice how the desert brought me a deep rest and how wonderful it is when I am just myself.

The last three days I realized again what a huge lucky lady I am. Then and there I decided that I want to do this more often. For others and for myself. I also found an ally on the trip.

Includes/not included & Price

Price (per person for the whole stay)

€900-€ 1000 in a luxury double tent



accommodation in the tent camp Les Chansons du Vent, overnight accommodation in a hotel in Zagora, transfers to and from the tent camp, healthy and fresh meals, guided hikes, yoga lessons

not including

airline tickets and travel insurance.

The prices of airline tickets vary, depending on the time that you book your ticket. We are happy to you in booking your ticket.

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